Your Biggest SEO Challenge For 2023

Your Biggest SEO Challenge
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SEO isn’t new, it has been around for a while.

Just consider it this way… Google was based in 1998 and SEO existed before Google because it wasn’t the first search engine.

At now, we all know the intention of search engines, during which they need to indicate the most effective results for folks at the highest.

So, with all of their algorithmic program changes, what does one suppose goes to be the largest challenge in 2023?

Take a guess… perhaps links, on-page SEO, social media… seriously, take a guess…

Well, here is that the biggest challenge and the way you’ll be able to solve it.


That’s right, content goes to be the largest challenge in 2023.

Let me explain that because it’s not that hard to write content these days

See, you’ll be able to rent writers from the Pro blogger Job Board, which is perhaps one of all the simplest places to seek out writers by the way…

But even then, hiring an author and telling them to write down content around a keyword that generates plenty of search volume, simply doesn’t work too well although you have got a high authority website.

Let me provide you with a random example…

Let’s say you would like to rank for the term “auto insurance”.

It gets searched roughly 165,000 times a month within United States.

Now guess what percentage results there are competing for that term?

Maybe 1 million? Or even 50 million? Or 100 million?

Think again, over 8.7 billion.

Now granted, not all of these 8.7 billion results are most likely sharply going then the term, however, you’ll be the certainty that several, many, more than 165,000 results are going then term.

To put it in perspective, for each one searcher looking for that term, 52,727 items of content exist for them to settle on.

As this keepings happening (which it will) it makes it tougher and tougher to rank.

And it’s even as dangerous for long-tail terms. simply investigate “credit score repair”

It gets searched roughly 1,000 times a month. It’s not a nasty keyword… even includes a value per click at $18.61 for the paid ads which implies it most likely converts at an honest rate.

But guess what number results try to travel afterward term?

A walloping 75 million. Again, not all of these results area unit sharply going afterward term, however still far more folks area unit writing content around it than folks looking.

And to place it in perspective, for each one searcher searching for “credit score repair” their area unit has 75,000 choices for them to settle on from.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Content is getting harder

Did you recognize their area unit of over 1 billion blogs?

And did you recognize there area unit over 1.7 billion websites?

To put that in perspective, there area unit roughly 7.9 billion individuals during this world.

That means there’s roughly one journal for each seven.9 people. And there’s one website for each four.6 people.

And after you accept it from a content perspective, roughly 7.5 million articles get printed daily. that comes 2.7 billion articles are being printed per annum.

Just think about it this fashion, aside from writing on the news, or new things that simply kick-off, the bulk of the content being written is on regurgitated concepts and topics.

In alternative words, individuals keep writing on a similar issue over and once again. which suggests for Google needs even additional choices to settle on once it comes to selecting that web content to rank for any given term.

So, what should you do?

As I discussed on top of, Your Biggest SEO Challenge For 2023 goes to be content as a result of for the bulk of keywords there’s a lot of content than folks looking out.

This gives Google its prime pickings that page to rank number one so on.

And the trend is obtaining worse.

So, will this mean SEO is dead?

Of course not. It still works. If it didn’t folks wouldn’t be making several blogs or sites or perhaps writing the maximum amount content.

But this will mean SEO is a lot of competitive than it ever has been, and it’s reaching to get tougher over time.

So, what do you have to do?

Focus on writing wonderful content!

What I mean by that’s making one different thing. Going in-depth isn’t enough.

Adding videos or pictures or perhaps audio to your content isn’t extremely reaching to differentiate you.

Heck, adding even stats doesn’t extremely differentiate you.

But you recognize what does? Adding a singular perspective.

How are you able to explore a subject in an exceedingly different manner than everybody else? however are you able to add your own experience or perhaps higher life experiences no matter what you’re writing?

That’s what makes content a lot distinctive. That’s what makes content stand out a small amount.

This is why I write solely on promoting and entrepreneurship (and extremely principally simply marketing). when doing it for twenty and years I will add a special perspective to the general public. that makes the content a lot distinctive.

That’s what offers Pine Tree State the sting with Google and obtaining SEO traffic.

And if you can’t write or don’t need to, that’s fine. you’ll be able to still rent writers. however, the author simply can’t be a “good writer”. That’s not enough.

The writer has to have first-hand expertise inside your trade. It’s the sole thanks to producing content that’s distinctive and stands out.

Hiring writers that area unit nice at analysis won’t cut it any longer. as a result of after they do analysis all, they’re extremely doing is looking out Google and taking things from different articles, which doesn’t extremely build things distinctive.


If you would like to try to do well in 2022, specialize in writing distinctive content that comes with your expertise and experiences. this may create it standout and acquire shares and backlinks.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still get to write content on terms that individuals area unit sorting out (just insert keywords into Ubersuggest to check what’s popular), however, you wish to feature your distinctive spin.

Just don’t forget that half instead you’ll find yourself writing content that doesn’t rank likewise as you’ll need.

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