About me

Viraaj Singh is a digital marketing maniac, he’s an expert digital marketing trainer, enterpriser, and SEO advisor, excluding this he’s lord Mahadev fan. By passion, Viraaj likes to read books (Scriptures, marketing, and business books). He features a robust affinity towards online stigmatization and break-out selling techniques.

Through the reading course, he learned a way to build superb merchandise and additionally a way to sell them. He has been within the online house and energetic Digital trafficker. Viraaj has additionally worked with the embarrassment of firms and startups to unleash his true potential. Viraaj started his career at the age of eighteen as a digital startup and with success raised funds however, he had round-faced failures that turned him into a digital marketing maniac.

Viraaj likes to invest within the development of digital marketing and has 1+ years of expertise within the online house, and 1+ years expertise in Business development, and his primary information lies in program Optimization(SEO) and program selling (SEM). Viraaj is an associate SEO specialist with 1+ Year expertise with 50+ victorious comes.

Viraaj Singh offers a secure ranking on Google’s prime ten results. He features an established strategy of achieving Google’s prime ten Ranking even on the foremost competitive keywords which too out of thousands of search results. Viraaj Singh SEO ways area unit the foremost cost-efficient and time-effective, changed to satisfy your individual wants and give you instant results.

As way as his skilled qualification and knowledge could be a concern he has done B.com (Hons) from Kanpur University, and Digital Marketing from Asian Institute of Digital marketing (AIDM), and Worked with Nexcuit.in/com one year as a Project manager and one year as an SEO school with Asian Institute of Digital Marketing(AIDM).

Viraaj has started Marketing Agency Viraaj Singh Digital Marketing Services (VDMS).