How to Automate Your Instagram Marketing and Get 132% More Engagement

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If you recognize Maine, you recognize I like Instagram. Why? as a result of it’s one in every of the sole social networks left that’s actually “personable” and therefore the engagement continues to be tight owing to it. 

But similar to any social network, it needs plenty of your time and work.

Here’s the factor tho’, by automating your Instagram, you’ll be able to deliver nice content, and additionally pay less time doing it. 

Over the last 3 or 4 months, I have even been employing a few of the options in MobileMonkey (you will have it away with a free account) to automatize my Instagram selling and therefore the results are nice. How to Automate Your Instagram Marketing and Get 132% More Engagement 

Here’s what it produced:

223 story mentions — additional eyes on my whole

431 page views — additional followers

1068 DMs — additional leads for my agency

This adds up to 132 p.c additional engagement–without doing any additional work past the initial setup. 

What’s crazy could be a heap of marketers who aren’t savvy enough to automatize their Instagram selling on the far side programming many posts… that isn’t extremely abundant automation the least bit.

Now I did schedule posts, that will facilitate, and that I can state that in a very bit, however, it absolutely was the story automation mentions that extremely drove sensible results (I can reassess that as well). 

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So let’s dive into however I machine-driven my Instagram selling and the way you’ll be able to too…

Strategy #1: Get additional Shares With Story Mention Automations  

Imagine you’re obtaining story mentions. Wouldn’t or not it’s impressive if you can answer them in plenty while not the labor of replying one by one?

And better of all, by responding to them (automatically and personalized), you may build an association and it’ll cause you to induce additional story mentions which can grow your account quicker.

Plus it helps you increase your followers and nurture relationships.

You can additionally use machine-driven story mentions to:

Enter folks in a very contest if they mention you in their stories

Create promotional offers

Get additional mentions

Personally, I take advantage of machine-driven story Mainentions to reply to everybody the World Health Organization mentions me in their @story.

If you Mainention Maine in a very story here is the response you may get from me.

I line up responses able to exit whenever I buy a mention. though I’m not there manually respondent everybody, the responses square measure are appreciated. 

People love the non-public bit, and therefore the ability to send automatic responses helps Maine build client loyalty and establish me on Instagram.

Here’s however you got wind of story mentions in MobileMonkey:

In order to automatize messages on your Instagram account, you need to 1st link it to a Facebook Business Page, then link it to MobileMonkey.

Log in to your Mobile cash account and click on “Chatbot” so “Chat starters” is on the highest bar.

Click “Instagram story mentions” within the left bar and opt for “Create Instagram story mention.”

Choose “Instagram story mention” within the drop to make a brand new, machine-driven response. convey them for mentioning you in their story, or link to an internet site you think that they may relish reading. you’ll be able to additionally add widgets like pictures, forms, SMS opt-ins, or attachments.

Choose what your machine-driven response is going to be relying on if the user replies with a text message, email, signal, or multiple responses (like affirmative or no). 

Preview and send!

Strategy #2: Schedule Posts earlier

A lot of individuals don’t understand its potential to schedule posts for Instagram earlier.

That’s as a result of the post hardware feature was prohibited for years. Currently, it’s hidden within Instagram Creator Studio.

As Instagram puts it: “The Creator Account on Instagram offers you a collection of tools that makes it easier to manage your online presence, perceive your growth and manage your messages.”

I love it as a result of batch-scheduling posts for Instagram saves Maine such a lot of time.

Creator Studio comes with:

Professional Dashboard: See your content performance and see instructional content shared by Instagram.

Growth insights: Tools to assist you to perceive what content you’re posting is growing your audience.

Advanced post programming: replenish your content calendar earlier by scheduling posts for Instagram Feed and Instagram TV.

Creator Studio even features a calendar read this you’ll be able to see all the content printed and scheduled to publish, which is impressive for social media groups.

Once you employ the Creator Studio Instagram post hardware, you’ll ne’er return to the previous method of posting one post at a time.

Strategy #3: automatize Direct electronic communication Responses 

As you build your Instagram audience, you’re doubtlessly examining additional direct messages. On one hand, that’s nice as a result of folk’s wish to speak to you. On the other hand, DMs will simply take up hours of some time, however with automation, you’ll be able to slow down that point drastically.

Most people I do know tend to merely ignore the DMs however you shouldn’t try this. cardinal p.c of shoppers wish to speak to brands via personal electronic communication. therefore you ideally ought to attempt to respond after you will.

Through the machine-driven direct electronic communication feature you can: 

  • Line up machine-driven welcome messages to new followers
  • Send machine-driven replies to Instagram DMs supported keyword triggers
  • Create machine-driven FAQ answers in DMs

Automated Direct electronic communication (ADM) will be used for numerous functions like client service, account management, and selling campaigns.

The key with machine-driven DMs is it has to be triggered with supported keywords. You don’t wish to channelize generic DMs to everybody instead it’ll seem like spam and won’t be effective. This positively changes the method you add calls to action to Instagram post comments.

For example, I might build a post on Instagram and tell individuals to leave a comment with a particular phrase or word if they wished for a free ebook. This helped the American state get a lot of engagement, build an even bigger audience and better of all generate leads for my advertising agency.

In order to alter messages on your Instagram account, you need to 1st link it to a Facebook Business Page, then link it to MobileMonkey.

Log in to your MobileMonkey account and click on “Chatbot” then “Chat starters” on the highest bar.

Click on “Instagram Welcomer” on the left bar then produce a brand new one. 

Choose what message you wish individuals to mechanically receive after they DM you on Instagram. you’ll be able to conjointly add widgets like pictures, forms, SMS opt-ins, or attachments. Here’s one I created: 

Preview and send.

Strategy #4: Drip Campaigns in Instagram

You’ve detected email drip campaigns, however, did you recognize you’ll be able to fuck on Instagram, too? 

You can use the Instagram drip campaign feature that takes the quality machine-controlled DM response to successive levels. 

Rather than simply causating one DM, you’ll be able to send many links to your diary or alternative channels over the course of many days.   

For example, you can: 

Respond to their 1st message with academic content associated with their message. 

Send social proof a number of days later, like a case study or short review. 

Once you’ve caught their attention, raise them to check-in for your email list or send a free trial or tool. 

Want to ascertain it in action? DM “growth” to the American state on Instagram. 

Here are a number of alternative ways that to use Instagram drip campaigns: 

Kick-off lead nurturing campaigns. 

Send onboarding messages with academic messages to have interaction followers.

Ask queries for list segmentation and retargeting.

Send upsell campaigns.

Send instant welcome messages to your new followers. 

Here’s however you originated the Instagram drip campaign:

Click on “Campaigns” within the high bar and “Drip Campaigns” within the left bar. 

Create a brand new Drip Campaign.

Specify the social media platform. 

Choose the audience(s) that ought to be sent the campaign. you’ll be able to embrace or exclude your audiences.

Choose a schedule throughout which your drip campaign messages are sent. Then select however long before the primary message goes out. you’ll be able to select minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months.

Create a dialogue and add as several follow-up messages as you wish for up to twenty-three hours. If a user responds to any of your messages, the twenty-four-hour clock starts over. 

Strategy #5: alter Comment Replies

Do you apprehend what the most effective thanks-to-go microorganism on Instagram is?

It’s really similar for many social networks…

It’s not regarding likes or shares, it’s real comments. 

Anyone will like or share a post, however, it takes a minute for somebody to leave a thoughtful comment and social networks apprehend that. thus a lot of comments you get a lot of views your content usually gets.

And the best thanks to encouraging a lot of comments is to reply to your comments.

Best of all you’ll be able to do that in an automatic method that’s “personalized”.

Here’s a way to set it up.

First link it to a Facebook Business Page, then link it to MobileMonkey.

Log in to your Mobile cash account and click on “Chatbot” then “Chat starters” on the highest bar. 

Click on “Instagram comment guard” on the left bar then produce a brand new one. 

Choose what the Comment Guard can work with, for instance, all posts and reply to all comments.

Choose the frequency cap If a user posts quiet one comment. 

Create a dialogue to send to users World Health Organization touch upon your Instagram post. you’ll be able to conjointly add widgets like pictures, forms, SMS opt-ins, or attachments.

Preview and send.

Want to ascertain this in action? Comment “growth” on this post to ascertain it in action.

Strategy #6: Use Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides are a comparatively new Instagram feature designed to assist users simply realize recommendations, tips, and alternative content from their favorite Instagram accounts. 

Originally just for specific varieties of accounts, it had been later enlarged to permit all users to use it from any place. 

There are 3 main varieties of Guides: posts, places, and products, and they’re conjointly shareable in stories, serving to offer your content additional reach.

While it’s not automation within the same sense as programming posts come in advance, Instagram Guides are advantageous to marketers for several reasons. 

  • First, the feature is right for those with a restricted selling budget. Guides could be a free tool, and Instagram helps you style your whole pages then guides you through content promotion.
  • Secondly, the curation type of Guides makes it a superb format to mechanically share informational content in an attractive method. you’ll be able to then use the content to coach new customers and followers regarding what you are doing and the way your product applies to their lifestyles.
  • Third, it’s a touch of a group it and forget-it feature. you’ll be able to produce a lot of nice content, and it’s simply sitting there looking ahead to users to have interaction.  

For example, here’s AN Instagram Guide I denote at the start of last year: 

 Finally, Instagram Guides provide you with flexibility relating to the kinds of formats. As an example, you’ll be able to write articles and switch them into slideshows with pictures and videos from tutorials. 

Or, you may produce videos that walk viewers through task completion.

Now all you would like to try and do is begin sharing some content. Here are one or two ideas to urge you to start.

Costs vary. There are some nice tools out there that are free. Equally, some paid subscriptions supply a free period that you just will build the foremost. Some apps are costlier, however, supply an intensive variety of options that are positively definitely worth the investment.

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