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types of bidding in Google Ads

How Many Types of Bidding in Google Ads?

Google Ads bidding

If you’re running an associate degree AdWords campaign or have one that you’re optimizing for, you may be asking yourself what percentage varieties of bids area unit allowed. a typical question among net marketers is what quantity management is allowed the publisher to limit the number of bids per click? The short answer is that there are not any limits. You can, however, set the most CPC (cost per click) limit and the most CPM (cost per thousand impressions) limit. Google AdWords offers no thanks to manually increasing or decreasing these 2 limits.

There are two basic types of bidding in Google AdWords:

There are unit 2 basic varieties of bidding in Google AdWords: cost per click and cost per mile. In value per click, the publicizer is to blame for all of the prices, like clicks, ad placement, and impressions. Once a commercial has been clicked, you may pay Google-supported your CPC and ad placement. However, there’s a catch: if you pay quite your bid limit, you’ll get to pay Google’s bid limit on every occasion somebody clicks on your ad.

On the opposite hand, value per mile provides you additional management over what quantity you bid per click. you opt what quantity to bid per mile, and you simply pay once somebody clicks on your ad. Google AdWords permits you to set the most CPC, however it doesn’t allow you to set the most CPM. (You will set each limit, of course.)

Google Ads
Google Ads

Ad Campaigns

There are many people who run very small Ad campaigns. they’ll solely obtain one or 2 totally different placement bids, and people area units typically set at their CPC limits. However, you’ll be able to additionally run many totally different bids on every ad. you are doing this by choosing “running” bids, that area unit the very best bid of all of your offered bids. Setting a bid limit for the way abundant you wish to bid on a selected ad permits you to decide on a value that offers you space to extend or decrease your bid. If you run many “running” ads, you’ll ne’er pay any continual fees, as a result of you don’t pay quite your bid limit whenever.

Maximize CPM

To determine what percentage varieties of bidding in Google AdWords you’ll be bidding on, check out however the search results area unit listed. The ad with the very best position typically gets the foremost clicks, thus it’ll be your “bid.” Google AdWords permits you to set the most CPM, that is that the most quantity you’ll pay per CPM. By bidding on the very best position you may probably be paying tons quite you would like to. thus check out however the remainder of your competitor’s area unit bidding on equivalent keywords.

It’s additionally vital to pay shut attention to your ad copy. check that that you’re targeting your audience with the words they’d use to seek out your product. Google AdWords permits you to customize the headline of your ad, which displays your most CPM. you’ll be able to additionally select what quite a font and color you wish your ad to seem like.

Google Ads following

Google AdWords permits you to track your ads thus you’ll understand what forms of keywords area unit transferal within the traffic to your website. you’ll be able to additionally see however well your keyword and key phrases match up with each other. however, following your results is simply a part of the image. you would like to spot what style of ads area unit changing the simplest. so as to try to do this, you’ve got to drill down into the precise demographics of individuals are literally visiting your website.


That’s wherever you’ll wish to focus your efforts. The additional specific you’re concerning targeting your audience, the higher your conversion rates are. Once you’ve determined what percentage of keywords you’ll be bidding on per month, produce a program to stay track of your best buys. At the start of each month, check out that keywords area unit transferral within the traffic and the way effective those keywords area unit. If your keyword simply isn’t obtaining any traffic, ditch it. Switch it around and see if you’ll be able to twig to drive some traffic.

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